A downloadable Character

Story of Anubis(siness):

 After many decades of judging and Passing on the death,  Anubis desire for gold only grew more intens.  It escalated so much that he no Longer weighted the heart but only the money.  Nothing matters anymore, only richess. He was all business now.

I went for a redesign of anubis inspired by a concept of BOSS NORI
and modernize him more towards our time era and my story for him.

In my opinion he's not really finished but I still wanted to release the project and see what feedback I can get from everyone. It was a challenge working against a time but I learned a lot during this project, so totally worth it!

I will soon pick up this project again and rework some stuff.

Let me know what you think of the current process I made, I'm curious to know on what I can improve :) .


Anubissiness_Wullaert_Luna_Documentation_SumoDigitalRisingStar.rar 28 MB
Anubissiness_Wullaert_Luna_SumoDigitalRisingStar.rar 537 MB


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I'd love to work this into a game soon.  I'm taking a class right now.  Absolutely love the look of your character.  Thank you for putting this out here!

Thank you for such a positive response!!! Glad you like it :)